The Fetish Room and My First Diaper

By Rain @ or

I wasn’t sure what would happen, I had never been to a professional Dominatrix before. Her voice over the phone was so hot and sexy that before I knew what I was doing she had me confessing my deepest and darkest secret fantasy to her just so I could keep her on the phone.  We set my appointment for the next evening and I was her last appointment of the day she said so she could spend more time with me on the after care.  We had talked about so many things over the phone and she kept asking more and more questions.

How did I feel about spanking?

How did I feel about pain?

How did I feel about anal play?

On and on the questions went until finally I told her about my wet dreams.  I had been having the same dream since I can remember of being a baby in diapers who wet his pants which leaked onto his mommy while he was nursing at her breast.  Of course getting mommy wet got her up set and I was spanked.  Mommy wanted to know why I would not learn to use the potty.

After hanging up that night I spent a very sleepless night tossing and turning with the fear of not knowing exactly would happen.  I think I agreed to allow her to spank me…I can’t remember if it was with her hand or a paddle.  I am pretty sure I agreed to allow her to restrain me.  Again I am not sure if her idea of restraining and mine are the same.  She told me one story of using a hemp rope to tie someone up like salami.  She said she started with his very erect cock and balls making it so tight that his erection would not be able to go down then, made a mummy of his body.  I know that my cock got very hard as she told me this, picturing this man laying down wrapped over and over with rope and only a very sift rope encased dick sticking up from the center like a new coil of rope from the store.  I dared to ask her if that kind of rope didn’t hurt because it seemed kind of ruff not soft like the silk ropes.  She laughed.  A great sound that made my heart melt and I knew I would do just about anything to hear that laugh over and over. “Of course it hurt baby it was supposed to hurt.” She replied.  “I am a Dominatrix, you know pain, humiliation, submission not a prostitute there will be no type of sexual intercourse.”  I wish I had asked more questions last night.  This morning I felt like a second grader getting ready to take a test and didn’t know any of the answers.

At 3pm I sent the required text to confirm our meeting. Mistress was fast to confirm that all was set and she was looking forward to our first of what she was sure to be many more sessions.  When I arrived at the dungeon I was expecting this dark and scary house but was pleased to see a nice two story white house in a nice neighborhood.  The inside of the house was done in an Oriental theme of reds and blacks, Buddha statues and pictures.  Mistress met me at the door and she was everything I had hoped for. Nice big tits, small waist and curvy hips, long blond hair. She was dressed in an almost see through black latex dress that hugged her body like a second skin.  I found that I kept staring at her trying to see through the latex.  It was driving me crazy and my cock was already rock hard.

Mistress led me into the living room where she sat down and asked me to strip.  Once all my clothes were off she had me turn this way and that way, bending over so she could look at my ass.  All the time making comments about how much “man hair” I had and that it had to go.  I felt like a prized colt at auction. I hoped that I would pass inspection and she would find me acceptable.  The longer the inspection continued the more nervous I became and the limper my dick got.  Finally when it felt as though I had no dick left (it had shrunk so small) Mistress said she was ready to get started.

She got up and told me to sit down in the chair next to where she was standing. She walked around the chair and I could hear the click, click, click of her heels and smell the scent of her perfume.  I jumped as she placed her hand on my head and the blind fold that was now covering my eyes made my senses go into over drive.  Next I felt her body touch mine as she straddled me on the chair.  I could feel her tits against my chest as she whispered in my ear for me to place my hands on my head and not to move them. My dick was rock hard once again and I could feel the pre cum dripping out of it.

“I can see you need to learn some manors little boy” she said. “You have made a wet spot on mommy’s dress”  “What did I tell you about that” she asked.  My mind was still trying to remember if we even talked about that when I felt my hands being bound together with a very stiff and itchy rope.  She wasn’t even finished with it and I felt the need to itch.

“First we are going to clean your poo-poo area so it is nice and clean” she said.

“My poo-poo area” what kind of talk is that I am thinking as I was lead into another room.  I was told to lie on my side and not to move or I would be spanked.  I made the mistake of jumping when I felt her hand slide between the cheeks of my ass.

“What did I tell you?” She said in a very stern voice and then I felt the first of 10 slaps with a wooden paddle. “Now are you going to move again?” she asked.

“No Mistress” I replied and she corrected me that for the rest of the night I was to call her mommy.  Once again I felt her glove incased hand slide between my now very sore ass cheeks and I almost jumped when I felt the cold cream of one of her fingers slide into my ass.  “Good baby” she whispered “I am going to clean your poo-poo area now so relax and this will not hurt”  I felt something cold and hard and bigger than mommy’s finger slide into my ass. Then I felt it get bigger and bigger as mommy said she was going to give me an enema and the pressure I was feeling would make sure no water leaked out. I also felt pressure from the outside of my ass as another ball got bigger and bigger between my ass cheeks.  My ass did one of the involuntary movements of trying to push the foreign object out and mommy hit my ass with the paddle a few more times repeating that I was not to move.  Then I felt her curl up behind me so we were in a spooning position and she was rubbing my back and saying “relax this will be all over soon” when I felt the warm water rush into me. I could smell the faint scent of soap as more and more water kept coming. I felt as if I could not take any more and all she kept saying was “relax this will be over soon” My stomach was starting to cramp, my cock was hard and throbbing and the water was still coming.  The water stopped and mommy was rubbing my back telling me soon it would be over we only had to lie still for a few more minutes.  Those few minutes seemed like hours. “Okay baby now we are going into the bathroom so you can empty that smelly poo-poo water out.”  With my hands still bound I could not even clean myself.  I felt so helpless as mommy cleaned me and then sent me back to the bed.  “Well baby we need to do this one more time because you are so dirty down there.” She said.

This second time at least I knew what to expect or at least I thought I did! The amount of water that mommy used was twice what she had used the first time if not more.  Then instead of getting up to empty it out when the water was done flowing into me, she sticks a baby bottle in my mouth and says that I need to finish my milk first.  It was not milk but baby formula and it tasted horrible!  I drank it as fast as I could, but the nipple would not let a lot of milk out and it kept falling out of my mouth and I would have to wait for mommy to fix it.  Then as I finish the last of the milk I see another bottle of amber colored liquid. “Now you need to drink your juice” she said.  This bottle went much faster.

“Good boy” mommy says “now let’s go get rid of all that nasty poo.” As my body is expelling all the water from it I also felt the need to pee, but because of the hard on I had I could not pee.  As if mommy could read my mind she starts to tell me that it will be a while before I can pee.  She then slips a soft silk rope around my balls and base of my cock and pulls the rope very tight and then makes several additional wraps around the shaft of my cock until she gets to the head where she ties it the tightest.  With every beat of my heart I can feel my cock grow harder and harder.  Mommy then leads me back to the bed where she forces me to bend over from the waist with my head on the matress, my arms and feet are then stretched from my side and tied to the foot of the bed.  I can’t move. My cock is so hard that it feels like it will explode and I am not even thinking of anything else other than that throb.  I guess mommy asked me a question that I did not hear because the first crack of the paddle was a surprise. It brought tears to my eyes.  Mommy asked me if I was going to ignore her again and I said “No mommy”.   Mommy then began to milk me and as her fingers went in and out I knew that I would have cum if the rope was not so tight and I would have asked for release if I did not have a binky in my mouth that I was told not to drop or “I would be sorry”.  My body felt like it was having multiple orgasms and I was not prepared when the rope was untied from my cock and as the cum shot out of my cock it felt as if it was being chewed by thousands of needles as the blood started to circulate again.  When my brain started to work again my body felt weak as a baby and I was not sure that I would be able to drive home let alone stand when I was released from the bed.

All I kept saying was “thank you mommy” over and over.  Mommy then told me to relax on the bed for a few minutes and she covered me with a pretty blanket, put my binky in my mouth and said she would be right back with a nice surprise for her good baby.

I must have dosed off because when I woke up mommy was stroking my now hard cock telling me to cum.  And without though my body did as asked cum was all over my tummy.  Mommy then led me to the bath room and to a nice hot bubble bath.  Once she had cleaned me all over she said it was time to get rid of all the hair on my body.  Babies did not have hair.  Mommy used a razor on some areas, hair removing cream on some and wax on others.  The waxing on my balls and genitals hurt but mommy said I would thank her later when the hair started to grow back. Once mommy was happy that there was no more hair left on any area of my body she dried me off, rubbed me with lotion and sprinkled powder on me.  I smelled just like a little baby.

Then mommy put my first diaper on.  She pulled the tapes nice and tight so as she said there would be no leaks during the night. She then put on a second diaper and made a slit in the first one between my legs to allow the excess water to run out she said.  Mommy then said that I needed to build up my strength again and so I needed to drink all 5 bottles of formula and 2 bottles of juice that she had for me.  We sat in the big rocker and she held me as she feed me bottle after bottle.  My tummy was very full when we finished.  Mommy then put me in a pair of PJ’s and tucked me into a very large crib.  Mommy then tied my hand to the side of the crib so I would not try to get out in the middle of the night and would be safe.  She then kissed me good night and turned off the light.  I was sleeping before she left the room.

Sometime in the night I woke up having to pee. I could not get up. Now what do I do? When I could not hold it longer I wet the diaper. At first it felt warm and nice. But after a while it felt cold whenever I moved, I also itched but because my hands were bound I could not itch it. At some point during the night I must have peed again because I woke up very wet.  I could hear mommy singing in the other room and it was so nice.  I was getting hard just listening to her voice.  Mommy came through the door with a smile on her face and a bottle for me.  She but the bottle in my mouth and started to change my diaper.  I was so embarrassed when the cooler air of the room hit me I peed.   Mommy was in a good mood because she just laughed, cleaned me up and put a new diaper on me.  Then she handed me the phone and said to call my office and let them know I was sick and could not make it in to work today.  Mommy had plans for me….

To be continued.


  1. i dont think i could handle anything in my poo poo hole. i would shake and squirm to try to get away from the feelings.

    • This is one of the things that mommys are good for. Making you do things that you do not like but are good for you.

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